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Our stores

Delicious discoveries daily!

  • As we respect and appreciate our customers, we are developing our chain of brand stores for their convenience. Biovela currently runs 4 stores across the country.

  • The stores offer a complete  product range including fresh meat, marinated products, cooked, smoked and cured preparations, roulades and pâtés: over 1,500 products in total.

Why is it worth visiting Biovela stores?

  • Wide choice;

  • Impeccable quality;

  • Always fresh products at producer prices;

  • Taste developed with time;

  • Your chance to check out on all the new products;

  • Your chance to give feedback directly to the producer.

  • Biovela stores offer exclusive foods for your festive table on order including a smoked piglet, a marinated goose and other meat delis. Our professionals will always be happy to advise you on your choice.

Our stores:


Mokyklos str. 6, Dūkštų k., Vilniaus raj.

Shop contact: +370 612 77105, shop manager contact: +370 685 77152

I-VI   8:00-20:00 val.

VII    9:00-20:00 val.



Liepų str. 4, Gilučių k., Elektrėnų sav.

Shop contact: +370 685 77136, shop manager contact: +370 612 00884

I-VI   8:00-20:00 val.

VII    9:00-19:00 val. 


Vilniaus str. 11, Rykantų k., Trakų raj.

Shop contact: +370 620 88095, shop manager contact: +370 65237248

I-VI   8:00-20:00 val.

VII    9:00-190:00 val.


Pramonės str. 4, Utena

Shop contact: +370 389 63563, shop manager contact: +370620 22246

I-VI   7:00-19:00 val.

VII    7:00-14:00 val.

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