Biovela Utenos mėsa


Advanced technologies as key to success

  • We can argue with confidence that cutting-edge technologies is our greatest advantage. 

  • Our offers to Lithuanian and foreign consumers are not limited to natural food products with traditional Lithuanian flavours. 

  • Advanced technologies have enabled us to develop and introduce new quality and taste standards, share a new consumer approach to meat products and nurture the principles of a healthy lifestyle.

  • The production process employs modern meat shredders, product formation machines, efficient meat salting, frying and massaging, maturing, thermal processing, chilling and freezing and frozen meat thawing facilities.

  • We are the country’s only ones to have this type of Italian-manufactured equipment for maturing cured sausages and hams. 

  • Thanks to technologies developed together with foreign specialists we can offer customers authentically flavoured cured preparations.

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