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Product safety and quality

  • Product safety and quality are Biovela's greatest concerns. Production processes in production lines for cooked sausages, frankfurters and marinated ready-to-cook meat foods run in a continuous flow and in closed containers whereas hardware detectors and control systems check and control the quality parameters of raw materials regularly.

  • Thanks to cutting-edge technologies, the end consumer gets a fresh product produced within the shortest time.

  • In August 2002, EU experts awarded BIOVELA with the European Quality Certificate. We were granted the right to export meat products labelled with the 42-23 health mark to the EU countries.

  • Biovela has a quality self-control system (HACCP) in place which meets the requirements of Lithuanian hygiene norm HN 15:2005 “Food Hygiene”. It ensures quality and safety of products at every step of the way as there is no product-related physical, chemical and microbiological hazard that may put consumers’ health at risk.

  • Raw materials and intermediate and final products are controlled using FoodScan, which is the most advanced food product analyser widely used in the EU. It performs special tests on raw materials, ready-to-cook foods and end production. A vigilant and permanent quality control mechanism allows ensuring supervision over product quality indicators.

The path to successful cooperation

  • In 2018, international audit company SGS United Kingdom Ltd awarded Biovela, UAB the top A level Global Satndart for Food Safety" (BRC) certificate. It is granted exclusively to undertakings which use ultimately safe and quality methods of production. 

  • Having become a certified producer, BIOVELA now has even greater export opportunities. The certificate shows that foreign traders and consumers trust Biovela’s products. We have gained a competitive advantage on foreign markets, declaring publicly our commitment to supply safe and supreme-quality meat products all across Europe.




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