Biovela Utenos mėsa


„Tauragės maistas“ products in Britain's shelves

November 10 d., 2016 m.

Delicious alder smoke smelling TAURAGĖS MAISTAS Lithuanian meat products reached our countrymen living in Britain. 

Longing for Eastern European cuisine English residents even five different products of TAURAGĖS FOOD will be able to purchase in the biggest retail chain „Lituanica“, which specializes in Eastern European products.

From now in the UK are traded the following TAURAGĖS MAISTAS products:
  • Cold smoked „Bočių” sausage - from finely minced pork, greaves and beef, seasoned with traditional spices.
  • Cold smoked „Skilandinė” sausage - just like skilandis from coarsely minced pork, beef and chopped flitch.
  • Cold smoked sausage „Rinkelė” – expressive flavour of coarsely ground pork, beef and greaves.
  • Cold smoked „Jubiliejaus” sausage - from coarsely minced pork, beef and flitch flavoured with traditional spices.
  • Cold smoked „Uošvės“ skilandis – a true delicacy of Lithuanian meat from chopped pork, greaves and beef seasoned with traditional spices.