Biovela Utenos mėsa


„Biovela“ meat products in the U.S. store shelves

December 22 d., 2016 m.

In the United States living Eastern European emigrants on store shelves can already find recognizable „Biovela“ products: a variety of preserves and pates. Lithuania became the second country in the European Union (EU) that has been authorized to export beef. The total of almost 50 tons of „Biovela“ meat products reached even the twelve U.S. states stores.

 According to the company's General Director Audrius Kantauskas, it is a natural and timely development step.  „The U.S. is one of the most beef-consuming countries in the world, so to go into this market was important to our company's development. Being a large and rich country, the United States is very complex, heavily controlled and competitive market with specific consumer needs, which are our challenge. The long preparation phase has been designed for various consumer research, to understand characteristics of the market, then began documentation, product labels and recording phase.", - Notes „Biovela Group“ director A. Kantauskas.

According to the attaché for trade and agriculture of Embassy of Lithuania in the United States Vaidotas AŠMONAS, the U.S. market is difficult and poses a number of challenges in a highly competitive environment.  „In America competitive conditions are very harsh, because it is a variety of cultures, traditions, recipes, approaches and different products country, leaving both demand and supply at quite a different scale.  I am delighted, that Lithuania admitted bringing in the widest range of products -  it shows that our producers are highly appreciated.", - He says.