Biovela Utenos mėsa


Animal breeding is the priority

  • Ascribed to the highest category of breeding-grounds, the pig breeding site grows around 12,000 pigs per year. Their muscularity is from 57.8% to 61.5% and carcass output is 74%.

  • We are breeding Yorkshire Blue and White gilts of Franc Hybrides, which is Europe’s most famous French company for swine genetics, and Norwegian Landrace boars.

  • Our most advanced feeding machinery, cost-efficient heating system and manure management facilities conformant with EU standards ensure a low cost of feeds and good outcomes from the veterinary and sanitary assessment.

  • Experienced professionals who control computerised pig accounting systems monitor the moisture of the site and the efficient ventilation system whereas heated floor and heated pads for piglets fitted out in the building ensure all the right conditions for efficient pig breeding.

  • In 2007 we were awarded the AgroBalt 2007 medal for the best-rated breeding sow.

  • In 2008 were honoured with the title of the Most Advanced Animal Breeding Farm at the contest arranged by the Lithuanian Zootechnics Association.

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VAT identity LT737327113
Žiobiškio k., Rokiškio raj.
Phone +370 458 43122
Fax +370 458 43122
Bank AB Swedbank, bank code 73000
Bank account LT797300010040892864