Biovela Utenos mėsa


Top standards

  • Taking the floor-space of 3,500 square meters, our slaughterhouse is among the largest and most contemporary ones in the Baltic countries.

  • The slaughterhouse fully conforms to EU standards. Austrian Voran Rinker facilities teamed with the latest animal stunning system ensure the supreme quality of carcass whereas professional synchronic cutting of animals and computerised carcass assessment guarantee the perfect flavour and freshness of meat.

  • Existing technologies enable cutting of pork and beef carcasses to any European standard while fresh meat is placed in safe vacuum or gas packaging in assorted formats and weight.

  • In Lithuania and in the rest of the Baltic States UTENOS MĖSA developed a livestock purchase system that works without intermediaries. We seek a lasting and stable partnership with farmers.

  • Apart from buying their livestock, we also give advice to farmers. If a farmer wants to check the weight of the growing or grown animal, we will arrive to the site to weigh it without charge.

  • With priority on productive breeds of pigs and cattle, the slaughterhouse has played its part in developing breeding livestock farming programmes in Lithuania and is one of the most proactive partners of  EKOagros, the Lithuanian initiative of productive and organic farms.

  • In 2008, Utenos mesa slaughterhouse became Lithuania’s first to obtain a certificate from EKOagros public institution

  • For a number of times the Agriculture Information and Rural Business Centre has acknowledged UTENOS MĖSA slaughterhouse as the slaughterhouse with the highest count of slaughtered animals.

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