Biovela Utenos mėsa


Something to be proud of

  • In 1978, the produce of UTENOS MĖSA was exported outside Lithuania for the first time. After a while our meat products were already known and fancied throughout the Soviet Union.

  • On 2 September 1996, our staff produced Lithuania’s longest “Utenos” sausage. Its was 73.5m long, 6cm in diameter and 261kg in weight. The record-breaking sausage was carried by 73 people.

  • Utenos mesa products have earned numerous awards from international contests. At the trade fair and contest INTER FAIR, which ran in 1996 in Denmark, within the group of national products, smoked product “Rūkytas skilandis” scored the maximum number of points and was honoured with a gold medal followed by smoked fillet of pork “Rūkyta kiaulienos filė” awarded with a silver medal. 

  • In the smoked sausage (salami) group the silver medal went to “Rūkyta Nerijos dešra” and the bronze one to “Rūkyta Sūduvos dešra”.

  • Cooked frankfurters “Virtos Utenos dešrelės” were awarded at the Lithuanian Product of the Year 1999 contest.

  • The medals of the Lithuanian Product of the Year 2002 contest went to: cooked frankfurters “Virtos Giminių dešrelės” and cured game sausage “Vytinta žvėrienos dešra Elnio ragas”.

  • Half-smoked sausage “Parūkyta Raudesos dešra” was honoured with a medal of the Lithuanian Product of the Year 2003 contest.

  • Sterilized pâté “Sterilizuotas Pabiručių paštetas” was awarded a gold medal at AgroBalt 2003 international trade fair.

  • At the Lithuanian Product of the Year 2004 contest the gold medal went to cooked sausage “Virta dešra Lietuviškas standartas” and the silver medal to hot-smoked sausage “Karštai rūkyta dešra Lietuviškas standartas”.

  • The gold medals at the Lithuanian Product of the Year 2005 contest were awarded to cured ham “Vytintas kumpis Lietuviškas standartas” and sterilized pâté “Sterilizuotas paštetas Lietuviškas standartas”.

  • Hot-smoked ham “Karštai rūkytas Naminio dūmo kumpis” earned the gold medal of the AgroBalt 2006 contest.

  • Hot-smoked frankfurters “Karštai rūkytos Giminių medžiotojų dešrelės” were honoured with the gold medal of the Lithuanian Product of the Year 2010 contest.

  • In 2010, AB Utenos mesa was recognized as one of the best production and service undertakings in the Aukštaitija region.

  • In 2011, on the occasion of the 750th anniversary of the City of Utena, a number of people were awarded to honour their merits for Utena and Utena land. 

    • Celebrating its 750th anniversary, the municipality of Utena Region awarded its symbol (memento) “Utena – 750 years” to the team of UAB Utenos mėsa headed by CEO Virginijus Kantauksas.

    • The award was a token of credit for promoting the name of Utena town and region in Lithuania and in towns abroad which Utena has twinned for over ten years.






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